I just had a birthday this past weekend :)

( HEY! Stop counting the candles!! Lol )

Well, I think I look good for being Forty-One and have given 5 births...

WELL..... as a matter of fact, I look ReeAallyee good; I'm a F・A・B・U・L・O・U・S 41 ♪
Yes it's true that I never go to gym, love pizza & ice cream, and I'm a chocoholic.
Mostly, it's my attitude, I think. I work very hard how I carry myself.
I accept me, study me, and try to bring best out of me.
Also I'm woman all the way, fully loaded with womanness, all girly & feminine ;)
I like being soft, always smile on my face, warming up those who are around me like sunshine...
I know my TPO and play my cards well in a good way...
I love the words like Elegant, Classy, Graceful but also love Fun,  Mischievous and Playful.
I have many drawers full of surprises; never show everything - little mystery is always more intriguing.
I prefer Sensual vs Sexy

So I think it's more of my pretty mind & heart that makes people drawn to me ;)

But you wanna know my beauty secrets that I do physically?
OK, I'll share that next time.

P.S. For the record, I envy those who are fit but curvy & full figured girls. I don't promote "My Look"
Beauty comes in all sizes & shapes. My vessel is just small and I can't be Marilyn...
My hope is to promote "Love the Way You Are" and share how to keep yourself fit & beautiful from inside out

Keep Shining!*
1/24/2011 23:48:21

What a Fantastic Attitude . And Yes.. You are Classical work of Beauty and Charm. 41 is a beginning and only a number. The Gods have Blessed you with youth in Heart ,Looks and Spirit. May you Always Radiate the Light of Inner Peace !


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