Valentine's Day, in another words - Sugar Day!
I've been all sugared up all day today ;) Donuts, cup cakes, cookies, chocolates, many many more!!
Thank you everyone for sweeten me up ♥ I can always use more sweetness in my life (^-^*
One day full of BAD (lol) sugar's not gonna kill me, right? So I'm just gonna so enjoy it ;)

I hear some people say "It's over overrated" and "It's to promote candy & flower business" etc...
So what?
Valentine's day is a sweet occasion and reminder how wondrous LOVE is.
Let us savor the romantic moments with our lovers, spoiling each other in special ways.

Enjoy the Sweet-As-You-Are-Day ♥ (Thank You Ms. Dear Helene Weiner Hill for naming the day!)
BIG Hugs & SOFT Kisses

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