My oldest son moved into his very first own apartment with his childhood friend tonight.
Their faces were glowing with excitement and big smiles. Looked taller with great pride.
They were just playing T-ball... like yesterday.  But now, independent fine young men.

It's a really really nice place. Everything is new. Love the color of walls and wood floors.
They even got the view and the hot jacuzzi (I am SO coming over! Lol).
AND it's 10 min away from home :)
Honestly, I was surprised how nice it was. I was expecting the typical "FIRST" apartment.
No refrigerator or any furniture yet, but it's a wonderful start on their own.
My son goes to college and works at night. His friend is working two jobs.
Still a lot ahead of them, but they already came a long long way...

Storm. Perfect word to describe. 4 years ago. He was 15 years old struggling to survive.

To be continued...

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