Relationships are simple when you spend every moment cherishing the other person with love and respect.
More you give, you realize, more you receive.
So many people get caught up in keeping the score or counting the other person's contribution, per se...
Then they focus on getting even with each other and the relationship gets complicated.

Yes, it's true.
Sometimes you get hurt and end up feeling used.
People take advantage of the GOOD, the GIVING, and the LOVELY.
I must say, I've been there - Many countless times...

But I still choose to love fearlessly, giving every part of me

And one day, you will meet "THE ONE" who lives for your happiness ^-^
Two people who go beyond for each other. All you think about is how you can make her/him smile.
The world, your love has no limit. Your heart beats peacefully. Your life solid rock content.

If you have someone who gives you bliss & makes you feel special, Take a chance.

Yours truly,

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