"Shoes make a lot of women happy. In fact, we love them. They are our faithful friends that travel life's many winding roads with us each day. Just to be able to glance down and marvel at their sheer beauty lifts our spirits, irrespective of the many obstacles in our way." ~ Emma Bowd

Do I here AMEN?!!

Send me your favorite shoes pic and the story ^-^*

(Photo, courtesy of www.scarletpetal.typepad.com)
(Photo, courtesy of www.sdweddinginsider.com)
(Photo, courtesy of www.kaboodle.com)
Dream Shoe Closet (Ms. Mariah Carey's) Someday... ;)

Lastly, Chocolate Shoes... ♥
These are sold at Gayles Chocolates. How cute are they??
(Photo by Eric Smith, courtesy of GaylesChocolates.com)

YAY to Being a Girl

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