Miso Kimchee Shabu Shabu, Takana Gohan (Rice mixed with mustard greens), and Dessert - Dreyer's Fun Flavor Mint Brownie Ice Cream :)

Shabu Shabu Recipe:

Heat the soup stock and boil. Place slices of meat, tofu, sprouts, nappa cabbage, nira (garlic chives), daikon radish, etc and cook. Eat with dipping sauce of your choice (Ponzu or Sesame sauces are standard, but try different ones too).

Tonight, I added Miso and Kimchee to the soup stock. And eat without any dipping sauce. This flavor is perfect for slices of pork. You can shabu shabu any meat or seafood.

Also after you finish, cook noodles (ramen, harusame, udon) with the remaining soup or add rice & egg to make a risotto. YUM! Enjoy ;)

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