I read all kinds of genre; I love to read and get lost in the book...
I laugh, cry, fall in love, I live those same moments with the characters. I can travel the world and even through time. INSPIRING
Those black & white text takes my imagination to places I've never imagined or dreamed of. ENCHANTING

"Table Manners" is a Chick Lit book.
This genre is usually written by women for women in a confiding and personal tone. Address the lives of us, women, face lightheartedly and humorously. Easy to read and charming companion at a cafe or in bed.

Mia King hit my spot with this one - a delightful indulgence and DELICIOUS read.
After many unexpected bumps and difficult journeys, the heroine, Deidre McIntosh realizes she does what she does because she loves it. Her success is built on seeing things a bit differently and doing things a bit differently. The story follows her and  her perfect boyfriend, Kevin Johnson, one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Seattle, Kevin’s sexy seductive ex-fiancé, Deidre’s best friend who is gay and soon to get married to his partner, Lindsey who suffered a heart attack and lost any positive outlook on life, and Kevin's snaky sister Marsha who makes sure Deidre is out of the picture. Sweet treats and wonderful dishes add colorful charm to the story.
And the bonus ;) There are recipes from William & Alain's wedding at the end of the book.

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