Peppered steak with dash of soy & garlic with Japanese hot mustard, Roasted red onion, Sauteed mushroom & sprouts, Caesar salad ;)

Good Steak at Home Recipe:

Preheat the oven to 325 F.

Rub steak with garlic-infused-extra-virgin olive oil/sea salt/black pepper/little bit of brown sugar or maple syrup mixture.

Sear the steak (both sides) in hot skillet. (Don't wash the skillet!)

Baste with olive oil and put the steak and onions in the oven. When almost done, take it out, preheat the same skillet used earlier with olive oil and sliced garlic, put the steak back in the skillet, add dash of soy sauce. After, cook mushroom or other vegetables with the remaining juice in the skillet.

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